Office & Works : Khasra No.125, Mukhmalpur, Delhi-110036

Mobile No. : 9810177151   9958998631

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Proprietor R. K. Roy : B. Tech. (Mechanical) from DCE, Working in the fields of Design, Manufacturing & Installation of Industrial Ventilation and Air Pollution Control Systems.

Factory Details : Covered Area- 500 m2 Power Connection - 15 KW

Bank : ICICI Bank Rohini Sector-11, Delhi-110089,
Kotak Mahindra Bank, Kamla Nagar,Delhi-110007

Manpower : As Needed

Machinery & Tools : Drilling Machine -2 , Bending Press -2, Rolling Machines -3, MIG Welding Set -4, Painting Set -1, Laser Cutting-1, Tool Grinder -1, Hand Drill Machines -4, Hand Grinder -7, Impeller Bed -3, Assembly Bed -2, Sheet Cutter -2, Impeller Grinding Machine-1, Dynamic Balancing Machine -1, Lifting Device -2, Other Small Tools - As Necessary.

RANGE OF ACTIVITIES : Design, Fabrication and Installation

01. Centrifugal Blower (Fan) : Process Air Blower, Industrial Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Evaporative Air Cooling, Dust / Fume Extraction, Boiler Forced Draught & Induced Draught, Oven and Furnace Hot Air Recirculation, Kitchen Exhaust, Trim Conveying System, Material Conveying System Pressure Rating Low, Medium and High Pressure up to 1000mmwg Volume Rating Up to 800000 m3/hr Air Capacity

02. Axial Flow Fan : Roof Extractor, Industrial Man Coolers, General Ventilation, Fume Exhaust, Diameter From 300mm to 1600mm Pressure Rating up to 50mmwg in Singe and 350mmwg in double stage Volume Rating Up to 100000 m3/hr Air Capacity

03. Cyclone Collector : Dust Collection System, Pre-separation of Coarse Dust in Pneumatic Conveying System, Buffing & Polishing, Food Grain Processing Industry

04. Air Filter : Clean Room Applications, Ventilation, Air Cooling, Pressurization & Dust Proofing Systems in Electrical, Electronic and Healthcare Industry.

05. Industrial Vacuum Cleaner : Suitable for Fine Filtration of Dusty Air generated from individual Machines or Operating Stations where large units are not feasible.

06. Manual Shaking Dust Collector : Material recovery in Spice Industry, Buffing, Food Processing Industry etc.

07. Pulse Jet Dust Collector : General Engineering Industry, Steel, Foundry, Mines, Power Plant, Cement

08. Acid Fume Scrubber : SS, PPGL-FRP or MS-FRP Fume Scrubbers in Packed Bed, Plate Type or Spray Tower configuration with PPGL-FRP Ducting and Hood

09. Cyclone : Useful in Dryer section of Rice Mills.

10. Hydro Filter : Useful in various Sections of Ceramic Industry.

11. Industrial Ventilation : Electrical MCC room, Substation Building, Compressor House, DG Set Building and Turbine Hall of Cement, Paper, Chemical, Textile and Power Generation

12. Industrial Heating : Power generation, Poly-film Industry, other general process & Chemical Industry

13. Comfort Air Cooling : Electrical Control Room, Computer Room, Laboratory, Administrative and Office Block, Manufacturing Line, Production Hall, Spot Cooling for Individual Operator

14. Dust Extraction & Separation : Grinding, Polishing, Buffing and Sand Blasting of Cement, Ceramic, Steel, Rubber, Food Processing, Paint Manufacturing, Automobile and Allied Industry

15. Pressurization & Dust Proofing Metal processing Industry, Electronics, Biotechnology, Medicine & Health Services Industry